Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Done!

I know there's been a long interval between my last post in October, and today.  But, in that last post, I did promise that I would let you know when my novel was completed - and today is the day!

Actually I finished it several weeks ago, but I wanted to present it to my writing group, then make any revisions, and be certain that I was happy with the final result.  Reading the last line aloud this morning, I declared (to my dogs, Shayla and Molly - no one else is home), "Yes, I love it!  It's right - and I'm done!"

"Done" required several more rewrites of my last two chapters, and a completely different ending page - in fact several different ending pages.  It was in my head; it just took awhile to get it right.  But I'm pleased that I no longer feel that further changes will improve it (that's sometimes hard for a writer).

Of course, being done with the creation of my beloved work does not mean I'm finished with it.  Now comes the business part, seeking an agent to represent me, and getting the novel sold and published.  This is the hardest part for a creative type like me.  Granted, I did have a former career in the entertainment business, and was told I was great at getting all the details right.  Let's hope I haven't lost that talent.  I have to admit, though, that creating is much more fun than business.

My focus now is on a query letter, a synopsis of the book, and, when that is done, and agents are being queried, I will be working on a few short stories for submission, and begin research on my next novel (it's only an idea just now - doesn't even have a working title).  So, I'll try and keep my blog current with my many efforts and, of course, you'll be the first to know any good news about publication.  Think good thoughts for me!