Thursday, October 22, 2009

Color Carousel

Years ago, the weekly Disney television show opened with a theme song that began, "The world is a carousel of color, color, color". That tune resounds in my head with every sighting of the glorious reds, golds, oranges, yellows, and all manner of blends in between that have exploded on every tree in our neighborhood.

These visual trumpets of a new Season uplift my spirits and bring to mind the happy holidays that fill the last quarter of the year. I have always been puzzled by those who say Autumn leaves make them think of death. Yes, it is the end of a growing cycle for leaves, but what a majestic rainbow it creates for all of us to enjoy; how can that be a downer?

Our daughter just returned from a short visit to what will soon be her new home state, Wisconsin, and her accolades about the beauty of the Fall leaves was unending. It's hard to believe that only an hour's drive north could gift one with more beautiful images of this time of year, but she insists that it is so. I wish I could journey there and see for myself.

But, I am content with the views from my study, or my car window as I traverse the local scene. Even the leaves that have already fallen to the ground create a panorama of hues; beauty that cannot be matched. Nature knows how to put on a show! I give it five stars and a standing ovation, and hope that, wherever my readers are, they are experiencing a similar display.

I would ask that anyone lucky enough to encounter such splendor wouldn't think of it as an end or a time for dirges, but, instead would be moved in the elementary, naive way my youngest grandson was the other day, upon seeing two totally red trees: "Oh, Wow! Cool!" He gets it -and that makes me joyous.