Monday, October 22, 2018

News For My Followers

Those who read this blog regularly (and thank you!) know that my husband, R.J., and I are working on our third and final book for the Walt Disney World "trilogy". Based on our publisher's estimate, it should be published in the spring of 2019. That is keeping me busy, and away from this blog, unfortunately.

There will soon be another site for my writing efforts: a new Facebook business page. It will be focused on promoting my books, both fiction and nonfiction.

I'm working on it right now, and hope to have it up, and constantly updated, very soon. (The first week of November is the projected launch date.) Keep checking here for the official start, and let me know - either on my blog or FB - what you think of the new site, and what you'd like to see that isn't there!

Back to work!