Monday, November 25, 2013

Still Here - Sort Of!

I really do have all good intentions of posting on this site at least once a week, as promised.  I also have an ever-growing list of topics that I plan to share.  Yet, I am also aware that it has been nearly two weeks since anything new appeared on my blog.  Let me tell you why.

About two weeks ago, my husband  succumbed to some kind of cold/virus bug, and is still recovering.  That meant I was playing nurse to him - and he is never ill, so it was stressful for me as well - while trying to work on my novel edit, etc.

Then, one week ago yesterday, I was felled by a virus bug that has resulted in a painful sinus infection.  No book editing, no journal entries; in fact, not much of anything going on for me except lying in bed wishing I wasn't sick.  Oh, yes, and I am in early rehearsals for a play that opens in January and I had to miss those as well!

So, dear followers, I have not deserted my good intentions; they've just been postponed a bit.  However, husband and I are now ambulatory, carrying tissues and lozenges in our pockets and swallowing immune support pills, so think positive thoughts for both of us.  I should be back soon with a more interesting post!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kudos for "The Cotton Candy Road Trip"

It's my intention to include, on my resurrected blog, my comments on books I've recently experienced.  It pleasures me that the first of these I'm going to tell you about is written by a friend and fellow actor, Pam Turlow.

Pam takes you on a dual journey in her non-fiction work titled The Cotton Candy Road Trip (love that title!).  You not only ride along with her as she travels to over forty vintage amusement parks, but you are also privy to her personal journey of life during the three years it took her to write this volume.

Writing in a voice that is true to her nature, one is caught up in all her discoveries, taken on her many twists and turns, not only on amusement park rides, but in her thoughts on the dreamers and doers she encounters that shift her perspective, and, ultimately, her life focus.

I encourage you to seek out The Cotton Candy Road Trip and add it to your list of books to read.  I promise you will be rewarded with lots of smiles and, perhaps, a new outlook on your own goals.  That's what happened to me, anyway.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrating My New Beginning

November 1st:  a new month and a new beginning for this blog.  Before the end of this month, if all goes according to plan, my first novel, "Ribbons" will be published.  In the last year, I have focused on my life rather than my work.  It has enabled me to grow creatively because of all the new and renewed paths I have taken.

Today I just want to thank my loyal followers for waiting for me.  In the coming months, there will be lots to read in here including my journey as a published novelist, teasers about the new novel I'll be working on, promotions and comments, theatre involvement, and, of course, new stories about my home and family.

This post would be much too long if I were to detail all the positive happenings in my world over the past year.  Family and friends, both old and new, have rewarded me with the support and love that have helped me find my new creative energy.

So, stay with me.  At least once a week, I will post something new to share with you.  For now, it's back to final editing on "Ribbons".