Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrating My New Beginning

November 1st:  a new month and a new beginning for this blog.  Before the end of this month, if all goes according to plan, my first novel, "Ribbons" will be published.  In the last year, I have focused on my life rather than my work.  It has enabled me to grow creatively because of all the new and renewed paths I have taken.

Today I just want to thank my loyal followers for waiting for me.  In the coming months, there will be lots to read in here including my journey as a published novelist, teasers about the new novel I'll be working on, promotions and comments, theatre involvement, and, of course, new stories about my home and family.

This post would be much too long if I were to detail all the positive happenings in my world over the past year.  Family and friends, both old and new, have rewarded me with the support and love that have helped me find my new creative energy.

So, stay with me.  At least once a week, I will post something new to share with you.  For now, it's back to final editing on "Ribbons".

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