Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Christopher's Day

As I walked out of the hospital, chirping birds heralded the morning and a sky of pink blanketed the crest of the mountains, yet the moon and stars were still visible.  My watch read 5:45 a.m. and less than an hour earlier, I had witnessed a new life enter the world.

That was thirteen years ago.  His name is Christopher Alan and today he marks his official entrance into the teenage years. He is our daughter's second son, and our middle grandson.  He has requested my special chocolate pie for his celebration, which has been postponed until Sunday because his family just got moved in to their new house in Wisconsin yesterday.   

It's easy to describe him as joyous.  Chris is always the first with a joke, or a pun, or a sarcastic retort, and he is never at a loss for words.  When not actually speaking, he uses my magnetic poety, on my fridge, to leave inventive sayings that only he understands.  He continually amuses himself by reminding me that he is now taller than I am, he is beginning to shave, and he loves to wear t-shirts with comical sayings such as "I tried to be good, but I got bored."

Funny thing, though - he is good. Maybe that's why the shirt is funny to me.  And he and his brother, Alex, bring fun and light and endless memories into our home.  And even though I applaud their move to a new and better future 90 minutes away, I will miss them spending every weekend with us.  They share their lives and young wisdom, and enrich us in so many ways.

That perfect Virginia dawn seems so long ago.  I know I've been lucky to be a continual part of Chris' life until now.  And I'm certain that he will share his future with us, and that prospect pleases me.  

So, here's my "Happy Birthday, Chris" moment for all the world to see:
Christopher, you never fail to make my day happier, to teach me something, or to strengthen my belief that you have much to give to the world when you grow up.  Never doubt your dreams - you will make them realities.  I'm sure of it.  Grandfather and I love you - and we'll be there Sunday with your birthday pie!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Month Flew By

It's been a month, I realize, as I stare at the date of my last post: how can that be?  Thinking back over the last four weeks - and being honest with myself - I know exactly how that can be.  Too many other responsibilities have gotten in the way of my commitment to this blog.  Let me explain.

There were writing deadlines.  First, I'm committed to having my book complete and being submitted to agents by June 1st.  That takes a lot of schedule wrangling and uses a lot of creative juices.  Second, I became intrigued with a writing contest and just submitted an entry I hope is a winner.   I should also mention that, even though it isn't a "deadline", for the past thirty-plus years I've tried to write daily in a personal journal - and that's been difficult to keep up with this past 30 days.

My mind was focused on personal issues.  Our daughter has been searching for a new home in a neighboring state, finally found what appears to be a perfect choice, and she and her family will be moving the first of May.  We support her reasons for this move, but it means major change: we've always been minutes apart physically, and working out home schooling details and other weekly family get togethers have occupied me.  Added to those concerns, the constant changing schedule of child care for our youngest grandson has meant juggling my time to write and, sometimes, sacrificing it.

We joyously escaped our routine.  My husband and I traveled to Louisville, and, for the better part of five days, we relaxed, shared, laughed, ate and drank with my best girlfriend and her family.  We hadn't been away from home in nearly a year and it was time more than well spent.  It is an Easter I'll never forget, and the memories stored in my brain will yield some further blogs, I have no doubt.

Most importantly, I've focused on my husband.  He has had some health problems that required numerous testing and I've gladly relinquished writing time to be there for him.  After hours of lost sleep, worry, consultation with doctors and time sitting nervously in hospital waiting rooms, I can report that the most serious of possibilities have been ruled out, and, last night he gave me the best news ever - he feels he's turned the corner and his strength has returned.  I've said lots of prayers during this time and, last night I said one of thanks.  Knowing that the most special person in my life is back in the game with me is definitely a reason for grateful words.

This morning I awoke to a blue, cloudless sky and the Spring rainbow of tulips just outside my front window.  Taking in the visual promises of new and positive signs of rebirth, I felt ready to make a new commitment to this avenue of words.  You'll be hearing from me more regularly now, I just know it.