Friday, May 20, 2016

Check Out Our Website - and More!

A couple of months ago, I wrote my last blog about posting Disney stories on the website My husband, RJ, and I both published a couple of stories on there already. At the same time, RJ was re-doing his website to include me and my work.That sparked lots of possibilities for our future creative endeavors.

In doing that, we decided that we wanted to include our Disney experience blogs on our own website. It just makes sense, and makes us totally responsible for the content at the same time. So now, you can just learn all about us in the same place!

At present, RJ is still fine-tuning the site, but you can check it out and discover all the avenues there are to explore about our writing, his art work, and our Disney stories.We are also promoting our speaking engagements on the site.

The address for the site is: We decided not to change the domain name he's always had to promote his work. I don't need my name in the domain name as long as we let everyone know about my inclusion on the site.

I will continue to write blog posts here, on a variety of subjects, but they will also appear on the website. And, anyone clicking on my blog address will be linked here.

Please let us know, through your comments on our combined website (or right here on my blog) what you like about the new site. Lots of fun stuff to read about, pictures to see, and stories to explore!