Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Back To It

I was shocked when I viewed my blog this morning to discover that my last post was three months ago!  And it didn't say much - other than I was sick.  That sickness did linger on into March, off and on, and did cause my creative world to come to a halt.  But still.  I should have been keeping up with the blog regardless of my personal circumstances.  Right?

Well, not really.  I was concentrating on getting my physical being back in order so that I could function on all cylinders and get back to pursuing my creative side again.  But being out of it for so many months meant that I had a lot of other things to focus on before I could give my attention to writing.   Family issues, commitments, helping my husband rekindle his art business; the list goes on.  And I knew I was putting my writing on a back burner but it was necessary.

But now I'm physically strong, mentally organized and ready to get back at it.  I'm not bemoaning the time flown by as time lost, though.  I really think the best is yet to come in 2012.  Hang in there with me and see if I'm right!