Friday, November 29, 2019

My Own Idea of Thankfulness

I didn't take a picture yesterday, of the members of our family around our dining table - at least not a photograph that you could view. Instead, the picture I do have is a mental one - and a thankful one.

Let me give you a word picture: there were 8 of us able to get together for Thanksgiving, and, before we began the sumptuous dinner we had all helped prepare, we joined hands - not simultaneously - but with smiles and some remarks of "what are we doing?" I explained that I wanted everyone to say what they were thankful for. I'm aware that this is not original to the holiday, but the responses from each of us certainly were!

They ranged from the last to arrive before dinner being thankful we had saved some appetizers for him, to a very quick blessing so that we could start passing food. Others were more traditional, such as being thankful for their children or the love of their partner. I said I was able to enjoy the day because of all the help I had with the meal.

I watched all the faces of these special people in my life, laughing or smiling as each took time to respond in their own unique way. And that's my own idea of thankfulness, having them all there, sharing their own brand of happy with me. That image will never dim.   

Thursday, November 21, 2019

This Is "My Expanded Blog" - Enjoy!

After many months of ruminating about how I could make this blog more open and interesting - I went through several titles changes, thought about what parts of my life I wanted to share, what thoughts I had that might be of interest to my followers, and on and on - I consulted my creative other half, and working together, I finally untangled my brain and am happy with what I'm about to write here as we go forward.

First of all, I decided that my original title would stay because, after all, I am a published writer, and my "musings" are basically anything I think about and want to write about and share. I did come up with what I feel better expresses my intention with my work. My new subtitle definitely does that (I do have a crazy life and I want you to enjoy it with me!)

My posts will be at least one a week, and will include subjects of my writing life, my theatre life, my Disney life, my family life, etc., etc. etc.  There are so many facets of what creativity in a life style have given, and continue to give every day.

Please come back and visit often, and PLEASE send me your comments, remarks, or critiques. I sincerely want to know what my readers/followers think of my writings, and you also inspire ideas for new avenues to explore. There is a place to comment at the end of each post, and you can indicate whether you want your remarks published for all to read - or not. I look forward to how you can make this blog even better!

Lastly, on the Facebook Live show that my talented artist husband does every other Thursday (just go on FB and search "Randy Jack Ogren" - every other Thursday at 3 pm CST), I appear with him, once a month, to share stories and answer questions from our Disney followers. I am starting a new item on there with today's Live by occasionally sharing one of my favorite recipes. On the days that I do that, my blog will have the full recipe in print for anyone who wants it.

So! After that long-winded explanation, here is the recipe that will be on our show. It is one that I've been making for about 40 years, for special dinners, and my family - especially my husband - loves to have for Thanksgiving dinner:

Scalloped Corn Supreme

1 15 oz. can of cream style corn
1 cup milk
1 well-beaten egg
1 cup cracker crumbs (either saltines or Ritz type)
1/4 cup minced onion
3 Tbls. chopped pimiento
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup buttered cracker crumbs

Heat corn and milk. Gradually stir in egg. Add next four ingredients and a dash of pepper. Mix well. Pour into an 8-inch round baking dish. Sprinkle buttered crumbs over it. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Serves 6. 

Have a great Holiday, and I'll be back here next week with - well who knows?!

Monday, November 18, 2019

This is the Week!!!

Be ready, loyal readers - this is the week I am going to launch my updated, revised, enlarged and more interesting blog!
My last post in March explained what was going to happen, and I certainly didn't expect it to take over six months to get to this point. I will spare you all the myriad of reasons that I was prevented from doing this!
Just keep checking back, because by Saturday, November 23rd, I will post a new title for my blog (still same blogspot address to access me) and present lots of information on what you'll be seeing here.
Thanks for your patience; I promise it will be worth it!