Friday, November 29, 2019

My Own Idea of Thankfulness

I didn't take a picture yesterday, of the members of our family around our dining table - at least not a photograph that you could view. Instead, the picture I do have is a mental one - and a thankful one.

Let me give you a word picture: there were 8 of us able to get together for Thanksgiving, and, before we began the sumptuous dinner we had all helped prepare, we joined hands - not simultaneously - but with smiles and some remarks of "what are we doing?" I explained that I wanted everyone to say what they were thankful for. I'm aware that this is not original to the holiday, but the responses from each of us certainly were!

They ranged from the last to arrive before dinner being thankful we had saved some appetizers for him, to a very quick blessing so that we could start passing food. Others were more traditional, such as being thankful for their children or the love of their partner. I said I was able to enjoy the day because of all the help I had with the meal.

I watched all the faces of these special people in my life, laughing or smiling as each took time to respond in their own unique way. And that's my own idea of thankfulness, having them all there, sharing their own brand of happy with me. That image will never dim.   

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