Monday, April 6, 2009

My View - It's Just Weird!

I love the fact that, as I work at my computer, I face a large window that gives me a view of my front yard and the neighborhood. This morning, what I behold through that portal can only be described as weird.

The towering pine tree, and the large ash tree beyond it near the street, have branches laden with snow. The same is true for the lantern at the edge of the drive, the roofs of the houses , the bushes, and the cars parked in driveways. That Spring green ground carpet I observed yesterday is now covered in a couple of inches of the white, wet stuff.

This is Chicago, where an occurrence like this is taken in stride. Our weather is never predictable, and it's part of the ambience of living here. However, I still contend it's bizarre that I'm being greeted with this sight a few days before Easter. There's a robin hopping around on the sidewalk and on the street, where the snow has either melted a bit or been cleared away. The bird must definitely be wondering where his green grass and worms are hiding. (He just flew off with a mate; perhaps in search of warmer climes.)

As stated in previous blogs, I am a snow lover. It's part of the winter season that I look forward to, but Winter is over. I'm ready for crocuses - which have already made their appearance - and tulips, and daffodils, and all the other colorful signs of warmer weather and a new season. Yes, the sight of pine branches bending from the white weight is still beautiful, the entire landscape enveloped in snow is a beautiful result of nature's whim, but I'm wishing for strong sun that will melt it quickly, and give me back my view of Springtime. 'Till that happens, I must admit, I may be a bit cranky as I survey the view from my window.

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