Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Days Slip Away

To those who read my musings, I must apologize again. The days of summer are nearing an end, and I've been remiss in writing my blog. I'm sad about that, on one hand, because I have lots of ideas for posts, but, on the other hand, I'm pleased that my writing time is being devoted to my book just now. I'm hoping that when it's finished - and published (please, please!) - that you all will read it and appreciate the time I devoted to it.

It isn't just the actual work on the novel that is keeping me busy; it's the research. And what could I have to research for a fictional story that takes place in present day? I read. I read other novelists whose work I admire to reflect on how they engage a reader, and how I could apply that to my own writing. I read nonfiction, about people or events that interest me because some of their personality traits can be woven into my characters, and incidents that intrigue me can be re-arranged and possibly used in my work. Lastly, I watch and I listen. I watch good movies to pick up on great characters and decipher what makes them great, and I listen to the snappy dialogue, or the dramatic dialogue, or the romantice dialogue. And, wherever I am, I watch, listen and learn as I study other people and their situations. All of this time is well spent because it spurs my imagination and improves the words I put to paper.

So, I'm back to it now. I have a few stolen moments before my grandson, Fletch, awakes from his nap or the phone rings or my husband comes home from his teaching duties. And, late tonight, I'll be back at the keyboard, when I can work undisturbed - and, hopefully, make some progress on my novel. And don't worry, I won't desert my blog for too much longer. I may even take a few moments, as I did today, to keep you updated on my progress.

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  1. Hey, Suzy!

    I love your blog!

    It's great to know that you have days that are so much like mine. You have a full life, yet you also are getting in some time to write. Fabulous! You are such an encouragement!

    The "research" you are doing for your book is much like mine, too. That is exactly what any writing course will tell you to do.

    Keep it up!