Monday, October 17, 2011

The Query, The Synopsis Perfected - Almost

I've had a query letter written for quite awhile now; still haven't submitted to anyone.  Why?  Because I know it's not "good enough" yet.  I've been re-writing it for about a week, went to the library and did more research on just what a query should or should not contain, and I'm still not totally satisfied with my efforts.  I have, however, made the decision to polish what I have this week and then Just Do It - send it out to the first few agents I've targeted.

My synopsis is in a state of overwritten inertia as well.  I presented my rough draft of it to my writing group yesterday, apologizing in advance for its condition.  As usual, got honest critique - actually, I think they were kind considering the mess I presented to them - and I also got some excellent ideas on how to hone it into something that would interest an agent to read the actual manuscript.  So, I'm back to working on that today.

Bottom line to the above confessions: writing a query and a synopsis is ten times harder than writing my novel - and we all know what I've been through there!  So, to all you writers out there who are ready to submit your work and are getting ready to navigate the "query/synopsis storm", be assured as you struggle with them that you have not forgotten how to write!  It's just that so much depends on them, and you only get one shot, so it tends to paralyze your efforts and make you doubt yourself.  Don't let that happen. 

Wish me luck; I'm submitting this week.  Having that goal in my head is going to push me to get it right.  No excuses.  What I have to remember is; right doesn't necessarily mean perfect.

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