Monday, March 21, 2016

New Avenues, New Blogging Opportunity

I've been writing this blog, off and on, for several years now. It has contained (and will continue to do so) posts about the many varied interests, career subjects, and musings of my life in general.

Recently, RJ and I did a podcast about our new book, "Together in the Dream", for a social media site called We were impressed with the creator of this site - and our interviewer - for the podcast, Keith Mahne.  We were even more impressed with the professional look of his website. Keith has now asked us to do blogs for Disney Avenue, on Disney subjects of course. The first one, by RJ, has just been published on, and I will be doing my first one next week.

Both of our original blog sites are now linked to and its blog site. Anyone going on that site, and clicking on our blog link will be automatically directed to our blogs as well.

So! This should bring us more followers, give us an opportunity to expand on our Disney stories, and provide - we hope - more fun discoveries for all the Disneyphiles around the world. We're excited about this: check out RJ's first blog post entitled, Rowboat in the Jungle. And, if there are any specific subjects you'd like to see me write about, please leave a comment here.

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