Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas morning. There's nearly a foot of snow on the ground, so we're blessed with a White Christmas. My whole family will be with us today, including my daughter's parents from Florida, so that is a blessing as well. We have been able to put some gifts under the tree for everyone, and the Christmas repast will be ample.

So, on this most important of all holidays, is there really a place for depression and sadness? Without too much thought, we can certainly lament about our financial problems, our lack of jobs, the presents we wanted to buy but couldn't afford - even the bitterly cold weather. There is reason to be worried, even frightened, about our economic situations, and it is never easy to accept a change in holiday traditions because of lack of funds. But, I have made a resolution (a week early for that, I know, but it's fitting) to put aside for today all the weighing issues.

I choose instead to focus on the good in my life - and there is much. I have healthy children, who have healthy children. We all have comfortable homes, cars that run, pantries that aren't totally empty, pets that add to our lives, and friends whose Christmas cards decorate our living rooms. We have talent, brains and wherewithal to move forward and make new paths. I have to believe that this Christmas morning brings the promise of a better future. I'm reminded of Barack Obama's statement about solving all the nation's problems: "Yes, we can." I'm confident that, with the loving family I have, we'll all get through this together. This isn't a permanent state of affairs. Today is a "Merry Christmas" for me - and I say, "God Bless Us Everyone".

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