Friday, January 23, 2009

Writer Vs. Nonexistent Service

No posts have been made on my blog in over a week. To say this is frustrating for me is a gross understatement. Trust me when I say that it wasn't my idea to ignore this important part of my writing life. I was ambushed by the company that services my internet. And therein lies my tale for today.

The cable company who supplies my phone and internet have been playing an infuriating game with my husband and I for almost three weeks. Our first complaint about connection problems was in the first week of the month. We would have intermittent phone reception; we could hear the caller but they couldn't hear us. More upsetting was the time spent trying to get connected, or stay connected, to the internet while working. When service disappeared completely a week ago (after numerous service calls and examples of "passing the buck" had been experienced), our mobile phones began to maximize their minutes as we spent more time than was prudent voicing our frustrations. Finally, this afternoon, we had a technician here to replace the outside connection that we had requested from the time of our first call to the company.

I now understand why many writers, both past and present, have preferred old fashioned pen and paper to create their work. As I noted last week, technology can be a wonderful thing - when it works. Relying on a connection to the outside world in order to function can be the most irritating exercise imaginable!

More than the time wasted unable to post blogs, research articles, or receive and answer e-mail correspondence, is the time I spent annoyed with a so-called service provider that is supposed to promptly and courteously hande any issues I have with them. It has become the rule rather than the exception for consumers to complain that "no one cares". I certainly pay enough to them to expect good treatment and fast service. Trying to stay positive during this recent wrangling was impossible. The unending time and conversation spent to rectify what seemed to me a simple fix - and I'm certainly not electronic savvy - was brought about because my provider refused to do their job. And I sat here with a blank screen, powerless (excuse the pun) to get results.

I'm certain that anyone reading this could share a similar story. My question is: why do we have to suffer like this? Who do we go to in order to get things to change with regard to the service industry we used to rely on? Why should I have to write letters to some governmental commission to complain every time I try to get something done? Have I ranted enough? Maybe. I feel better now - sort of. But that could be because I'm back on the "net" with a forum for my venting! I welcome any comments. Now I have to go answer my e-mails.

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