Monday, February 2, 2009

A Good Read

A mug of tea, still expelling steam, and a new book to explore, and I'm ready to begin a solitary adventure. A day for me is incomplete if I am denied this experience. I am never without a pile of books awaiting me. Bookshelves are evident in nearly every room of the house, and bookstore owners and local librarians know me well. Where I choose to partake of these pleasures can vary, however.

My favorite spot is a velvet covered chaise I inherited from my mother. It is tucked into a corner of my study and also serves me well for naps. Lounging on it and exploring the latest novel or biography or history or how-to book is a perfect respite as well as a remembrance of her.

Reading in bed is the most comfortable but usually results in only a few pages experienced before sleep overtakes my resolve. For that reason, I keep volumes on my bedside table that can be enjoyed in small doses.

When I was a child, the limb of a tree was a favorite. A bottle of soda was my drink of choice then. A breeze rustling the leaves and an occasional ant sauntering across the page were my only interruptions. When the weather didn't cooperate, I fancied my dad's wing-back chair in the living room. I would sit in it sideways, my legs hanging over one arm and my back resting against the other. I cannot imagine such a position being comfortable these days, but I do have a wingback chair that I snuggle into occasionally to explore my latest library find.

A deck chair during the warm days of summer, a bench in the park, an easy chair in the library or even a seat on the commuter train; all can be havens of exploration. The beverage can change too - iced tea or wine refresh at different seasons and times.

My artist husband created a canvas some years back that captures my feelings perfectly. It details a small stacks of books, a bud vase with a yellow rose, an open book with a ribbon marker in it and a glass of wine. He titled it "A Good Read".

A good read, for me, really only requires a time when I'm cozy, warm and able to pursue new worlds or relive familiar ones undisturbed. There is nothing better to complete my day.

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