Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Novel Progress

The novel has taken over my life!  That statement explains why my house is bordering on a raid by the board of health, my friends have given up my ever being social again, and my husband only recognizes me from the back as I sit at a computer keyboard. 

I'm lucky, though, because my friends and family are incredibly understanding and supportive.  I just hope you followers of my blog feel the same.  I've decided the only way to keep this blog alive is to post at least every other day and let you know what my progress is, what frustrations I'm having; basically the details of just what I'm up to that gives me no time for any other writing.

At present, I've just had an excellent writer's group session on Sunday where I presented two chapters - two leading up to a dramatic moment in the book, and I'm currently editing those chapters based on their critiques.  The best thing about a writer's group, if it's a good one like mine, is that you come away with an honest evaluation, some great insight from creative conversation, and, best of all, a fired-up motivation to get back to your work right away.

So, I'm finishing that, and later today and tomorrow, I will be working on editing an emotional and pivotal chapter that requires lots of quiet hours.  I'll explain more what that means in the next blog, hopefully, in a couple of days.  Thanks for hanging in with me.

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