Friday, June 25, 2010

Back At It!

There have been some medical issues regarding my husband (all is well; just exams and tests) that have prevented my working much on my novel, but I'm back at it today.

I did do some minor revision work earlier this week, on the two chapters I presented at my writing group on Sunday.  However, we did discuss some additions to those chapters that I will be finishing today.  Both of them are emotion-filled, as well as pivotal to taking the book in a new direction toward its end, so I have to be certain to get it right.

At this point, getting it right is important for every chapter.  I want to complete this revision confident that I can peddle it to agents.  I have 150 pages that fit that mold; now I have to do the rest.

As I said in an earlier post, emotional passages are the hardest to write.  You have to distance yourself from the material to make sure the technical aspects are done correctly, but you also have to immerse yourself in the emotions, then decide how to convey that to the reader without telling them what to feel as they read.

I've actually gone ahead in the book, and worked on some easier chapters; ones that occur after the directional turn in the story - because they were solid writing for the most part and didn't require as much editing.  But today, I'm determined to get these two important chapters completed.  Once I've done that, I think I will move much more quickly. 

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