Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Merriam-Webster defines the word "anticipation" in a number of ways, but two of them ring strong with me today.  The first is "pleasurable expectation" and the second is "visualization of a future event". At this moment, I am experiencing both - and grinning from ear to ear.

It's taken several years, during which time we have struggled as so many others have, to simply afford the necessities of life and keep a positive outlook while doing that.  But we are beginning to see a small shaft of light at the end of this recession tunnel, and it's enabling us to fulfill a promise we made to our two oldest grandsons.  One month from today, the four of us will be "on the road" to Florida and Walt Disney World for a much-awaited vacation!

Granted, we will not be living the perfect advertisement dream of staying on Disney property and enjoying all the extras that such a resort experience provides.  We will be staying with an old - and generous - friend who is also helping us gain entrance to the theme parks for a lot less money.  But none of us care.  We are all simply giddy about the prospect of "getting away" and taking in the magic of a place we called home for many years.

I haven't written much about my Disney days on this blog, and I've had friends and acquaintances tell me I should write a book about those times, which I've declined.  But my husband and I both spent way too many happy years (and some difficult ones too, I admit) in the Magic Kingdom, and all over the Disney property, that make us nostalgic to return.

The plus to this trip is that Alex and Christopher haven't been to Walt Disney World in ten years.  They really don't have much memory of it because they were so young.  And I think I'm more excited about sharing this trip with them, and creating memories for them that I know, from experience, will last a lifetime.  That's the best kind of anticipation, and it's going to keep growing, I know, over the next thirty days.

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