Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thoughts on my Milestone Day

Yesterday I celebrated what is referred to as a milestone birthday.  Since I consider that reaching every new year is a milestone, I'm not sure I agree with the designation of that term.  The day was, however, one I will always remember because of the myriad ways I received special attention.

To begin with, I am so grateful for the social media contacts that allowed me to receive dozens of congratulatory posts; friends, relatives, and contacts from around the world.  I am a lucky woman to have those people in my life, who take the time to send well wishes and words of love. I even had phone calls from a couple of friends I don't get to speak with as often as I'd like, and that added to my joy.

My children, and theirs, contributed to my Happy Day with phone calls, gifts, etc., and my husband (the artist) made me a singularly wonderful card and a decorated cake.  Last evening, he and our oldest, grandson, Alex, treated me to a dinner out at a special Italian restaurant near us.  The attention from the two of them, as well as the restaurant staff, added to my overflow of happy moments.

I guess, in this busy, busy, busy society we call normal life these days, it means even more when you realize that others consider your special day a day to make sure you feel special.  So, my milestone day served to remind me that I am more than lucky to have such people around me  It also strengthens my resolve to work toward better days ahead this year, because I know I have all of them cheering me on.

I still subscribe to the quote, "To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am", so I don't plan to ever quit celebrating - whether it's a milestone, or just another year.  Having so many others celebrate with me, though, is what it's really all about.  Thank you all.

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