Monday, August 8, 2016

My Blogs Are Back!

In my life, at least, all things "planned" never seem to happen "as planned"! That is true of what I blogged back in May (how time flies!) about my blog posts and where to find them.

I did post one blog on our website (, and do have plans (there's that word again!) to do others on that site, in conjunction with those my husband does. Those would be mostly about our Disney experiences.

The breakdown in getting back to blogging occurred when our lives became immersed in a host of other priorities: promoting our published books - "Together in the Dream" (co-authored with R.J.) and "Ribbons" (my novel which came out in May), working on the sequel to "Together in the Dream", getting our combined website designed and up, doing podcasts and interviews, and keeping current with all our social media sites to get our books sold.

But it's time to make time for this blog; my oldest, and the one where I can pretty much talk about any subject on my mind. R.J. and I have been working for the past couple of weeks to organize our days, and our priorities, so that we don't neglect certain things - like blogging!

I have a list of topics I plan to blog about, either on here or on our website blog, and I hope you keep returning to see what they are. Please know, too, that we appreciate your comments on whatever our subject matter is, so please join in the conversation. And don't give up on us; we're a work in progress with new challenges!

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