Monday, August 8, 2016

"Ribbons" Is Published!

I have shouted this news all over social media, book sites, etc., but cannot believe that I did not post it on here! (See my last blog for the list of the reasons why this might have occurred!)

So, here it is! My novel: "Ribbons"! Talked about in other posts going back quite a long time, but it has finally become a reality, and I couldn't be more proud of this one!

My husband did the cover art as a painting, which hangs in my study now, and I was thrilled that it transferred to the cover so perfectly.

This is a character driven novel; my favorite type to read, so it was natural to write my first novel this way. The settings are a small, college town in Virginia - where we lived for ten years, and several locations in England - our second favorite place to be.

You can read the synopsis, and purchase the book on the publishing website: "Ribbons" is also available on and Kindle.

The story of "Ribbons" is one for both male and female readers, and my hope is that the characters who create the theme of this novel, are ones that will remain with you long after you finish the book.

When you read it, I would love to hear your comments about it. It also helps with sales if you post a review on Amazon and/or Thanks in advance for your help there!

And a sincere thank you to all who supported my efforts during this long journey to print reality; you know who you are, and I am so grateful.

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