Friday, February 2, 2018

Sharing Our Stories in a New Way - We Hope

Dedicated readers of this blog (thank you!), and followers of R.J. on Facebook, especially his videos each Friday afternoon, are all people whose interest, enthusiasm and opinions about our creative endeavors are much appreciated.

We both experienced happy evidence of those loyalties this past Sunday at the Santini Library in Aurora, Illinois. It was a scheduled presentation, with the two of us sharing our career memories of Walt Disney World's early years, coupled with projected images of same.

The library set up a fantastic venue for us in their 3-story glass atrium, and provided ample screens, mics and seating (as well as having done wonderful publicity for the event). We had twice as many people as were expected - that was gratifying - and all were attentive and engaged.

Our favorite part of the afternoon occurred after our presentation when we got to meet, talk to, pose for pictures with, and autograph our books for so many of our followers and guests, who ranged in age from pre-teens to the seasoned mature. It's nice to have a chance to hear about their experiences and memories of Disney encounters.

Such gatherings require a good deal of planning and preparation, and we have to do the "legwork" to interest venues in these types of events. This library was welcoming, and went above and beyond to make sure all went perfectly; that is not always the case.

So, R.J. and I have been thinking about an alternative, and more intimate, way to spend time with Disney fans and devoted followers. We would like hosts to provide their private homes as venues, inviting a small number of people, who would pay a nominal amount for an evening with us presenting our 45-minute words with pictures, and then enjoying social time with the guests, which could include a meal or drinks and snacks, whatever the host would like to do.

These gatherings would have to be within a few hours of our Chicago area home, and we would only do a few each year. All of this is still in the planning stages, of course, but we are excited about this idea, and will keep you updated. If you have any ideas of your own, or would like to consider hosting one of this events, please send me an email at or leave a comment on this blog site.

2018 will not only see us publish (in the fall) another WDW book, but we hope it will launch a fun way for us to meet, greet and enjoy spending time with Disneyphiles!

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