Friday, February 16, 2018

Spur Your Creativity By Not Working

If you read my blog last week, which was a bit "involved", (but I hope it gave you some great ideas for your own creative pursuits), this week's - not at all "involved" - should help even more.

I find that so many people today get totally caught up in their working lives, and claim they have no time to pursue social interaction of any kind. Personally, I cannot imagine wanting to work all the time.

Looking forward to having a friend or two over for the evening, going to a movie or a play, travelling to both new places and familiar ones, or even just spending time with my best friend, R.J.; these are just some of the ways I choose to buoy my spirits, and give me renewed ambition.

It's a proven fact that allowing yourself down time makes for a healthier, longer life, but that isn't the main reason I make sure that those times are just as important to me as my working hours. I know that, without them, my creativity would suffer.

To be truly creative, you have to open yourselves up to discovering new things, sustaining friendships and family connections, reading books that challenge you, give you new insight and understanding, or simply feed your imagination or your dreams.

No complicated plot here: to be good at creating, you just have to relax enough to re-energize. I know it will result in your being much better in your work. Simple, fun, and makes me always look forward to each day because there's going to definitely be some personal, fun time that's a part of it.

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