Friday, March 9, 2018

"Never A Dull Moment In This House"

Oops! Must apologize for missing two weeks of Friday blog posts - but I have good excuses.

Actually, I should use the title for this blog as my defense. There really is never a dull moment in this house, and no day is the same. Of course, R.J. is always working on paintings and keeping up with all his social media contacts and followers, and I am always at the computer or my desk with a wide range of regular tasks. And, we also have our writing projects.

However! We both have calendars, and a third is in the kitchen, to keep track of the myriad of commitments, family responsibilities, interviews, podcasts, theatre rehearsals, social dates, trip plans, etc., etc., etc. The list is endless.

It is the life we thrive on, and would definitely not want to change, but it does mean there will also always be glitches, last-minute surprises and "too much to do in one day" happenings! The best part about all this chaos is that we are constantly challenged, both mentally and physically, and that keeps us young and involved, no matter how "mature" we get. We recommend it to anyone with a creative bent, who is not interested in ever being rich - because that is never guaranteed when you are "self-employed".

In the past two weeks, we had a trip into Chicago that made me miss my blog time, and an unexpected family situation that took precedence over writing. Let me just say, I wasn't idle. I just had to rework my priorities, and there weren't enough hours.

So, if you look for a future entry here and see only the previous week's post, trust that I am attending to an equally important something, and I will be back. It's not my plan to miss my weekly session, but I'm certain there will be unavoidable weeks when it just might happen.

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