Friday, March 23, 2018

Another Look Back

If you read my post from last week, you already know that the new book R.J. and I are working on (which will be published late this year) focuses on relating Walt Disney's legacy and how it is reflected in Walt Disney World.

We are finalizing our chapters and an outline for our publisher, and for those who have read our earlier books about WDW, R.J. and I will alternate chapters, with new personal stories about our years working there, as we've done before.

In addition, we will begin each chapter with a quote by Walt that relates to the content of that particular chapter. That is an important part of this work because we think it will introduce the genius of the man.  Although his name is a household word, many people do not know about his visions, his love of nostalgia and his life.

Choosing a title for a book is always difficult, and more so when the book is still being written. In our minds, we know what we want to convey with the title, but for now, not even a working title has been agreed upon. I'll let you know when we have it. Keep in mind that our other "final titles" went through several changes before publication.

We're delighted that readers are asking for more of our remembrances about the past at Walt Disney World, and each week, I'll give you a small peek at our progress.

A program note: R.J. will not be doing a vlog today, as he is working to finish a painting that requires all his attention. Look for him next Friday.

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