Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back At It

If you look back at the post of November 1st of last year, I mention the publication of my first novel before the year 2013 was to end.  Didn't happen that way - but it's going to be in print before the first spring flowers arrive IF things go according to plan.

That seems to be my problem of late, having "things go according to plan".  I had planned to make an entry in here at least once a week, get my book published sooner, make daily entries in my journal again.  Do you see a pattern?  All these related to my writing.

Without going into too much boring detail, let's just say that, after allowing my theatre/family/friends life to eclipse my writing ambitions, some might say I got off track.  Yes, in a way, but those other parts of my life just became the all-important ones for the past year or so, and I wanted it that way.  The hard part, I discovered, is that once you purposely change your priorities, it gets much harder to "get back to it".

It isn't that I don't want to write anymore, or that I've run out of ideas, or have lost the desire to have my novel read by others.  But, recently, I recalled my artist husband telling me about a period in his creative life when he quit painting for awhile to attend to other important issues in his life.  He said he was stunned by how hard it was to get back to that easel.

Slowly but surely, the final edit on my book is happening, and I have begun to restructure my life to include all that I love - which will always include putting fingers to the keyboard. This post is another step toward making it back onto the creative road.  Just wanted you to know.

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