Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Way To Renew

Short but sweet today; I'm in the final stages of editing and putting the artwork of the novel together.  More on that next week.

My husband and I just finished acting in a play (four-week run), we've both been busy, busy, busy with other creative projects, and we've gone through lots of stress recently because of this lingering financial debacle in our country.

Bottom line is that we need some time away from all the commitments and routine for a few days, and best friends - a few hours drive away - are providing just what we need.  So, the housesitter and our dog are here to see to the domestic issues and we are off later today for a long weekend.

I tell you this to note that it's not only okay to give yourself a rest on a regular basis; it is life-saving.  I know we will both come back with rested bodies, a fresher perspective, and more productive going ahead. Relaxing, fun times spent with people we love; doesn't get better than that, and I highly recommend this type of escape.

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