Friday, February 28, 2014

Distractions - Diversions or Annoyances?

There are so many distractions today: cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, texting, XBox, Netflix, etc., and that is just the electronic ones.  The "old school" includes chores, friends, social commitments, loved ones, pets, travel - well, you know them and this could go on ad infinitum.

Bottom line: it is so easy for me to get caught up reading funny and informative Facebook posts, checking and responding to emails, talking to family on the phone, creating new recipes for dinner, playing with the dog, watching a DVR television show or a movie I've recorded, getting lost in a new book - again the list is endless.  No matter what the diversion, it annoys me when I check the clock and realize that my "work time" has been cut in half.

My novel is days away from being ready for a publisher.  Yet, I still have continuity checks to do, and I want to read the manuscript through once more for any glaring typos or omissions.  It's the boring part of being a writer, but I'm still committed to it, so the last two days when obligations and distractions kept me away from my work, I get cranky about "the world" that continually invades my creativity.

I write the above not as an excuse, but more as a warning to all writers (or anyone with a work agenda, really!):  focus and commitment are even harder today than they were earlier on in my writing career.  Be warned, be vigilant, and prioritize!

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